Ca Races and Moto2&3 Testing

Both Supercross and Arenacross are in Ca this weekend, but Ryan Sipes crashed in practice this week and has a broken hand and dislocated shoulder. Lots of injuries in all motorcycle racing venues this year. On the other end of things, Tyler Bowers is close to winning the Championship in Arenacross, just four main events left. Tyler has a 21 point advantage.

The Isle of Man TT isn’t until May but there are very few tickets left before they are sold out. That is really good to hear. They put a lot more grandstands up this year as I understand it, and still almost sold out. As storied as this race is, I can understand why. I mean like how many tracks do you know of that are almost 38 miles long.

The Moto2 and Moto3 teams and riders conclude their testing at Valencia, with Pol Espargaro topping the Moto2 time sheet, and Sandro Cortese topping Moto3. Now they all pack up and hear over to Jerez for the 16th. I couldn’t help noting that they kept looking around from time to time. Must be looking for #93 to suddenly blow past them, hehehe. Just had to throw that in there.

Got a little news about Marc’s eye. His boss said Marc can see ok, but has just a little remaining thing when he looks upward. The reason for the delay of the operation was a small palsy. They expected 2 to 5 weeks recovery time and it seems to be working out that way. So no Jerez either. They will do some private testing and be on track in March. Great to hear.